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The composition of the general income of the population of Khorezm region

18.Nov.2022 | 09:46

As of January-September 2022, the total income of the population of Khorezm region includes income from labor activities (53.1%), income from transfers (40.6%) and self-produced services for personal consumption income and income from property (6.3%).

The percentage of people living in private yards in Khorezm region is 92.9%

18.Nov.2022 | 09:42

Conducting the republican competition "The best reading student" among students of higher education institutions

16.Sep.2022 | 15:08

In order to ensure the implementation of the order No. 149 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education dated April 26, 2022, among students of higher education institutions, "On conducting the republican examination of the best reader student", posting on the websites of higher educ...

Urganch branch of TUIT and a number of Russian universities announce joint student exchange programs!

04.Aug.2022 | 08:52

2nd-3rd year students of our branch will have the opportunity to study during one academic semester in Novosibirsk State Technical University (TOP-1000),

Novosibirsk State University of Economics (TOP-1200),

Far Eastern universities (TOP-500).


For more informati...

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