Head of Planning and Finance:
Head of Planning and Finance:
Yusupova Mehribon Uktamovna
Hours: Monday - Saturday (9:00-16:30)
Telephone: (+99897) 510-05-33

About the activity of the department

The Department of Finance and Economics is a structural unit of the University. The tasks of the department are to develop long-term and current plans, forecast the expenditures of the university departments, identify the need for funding for the university from various sources (state budget, extra-budgetary activities, revenues from research, etc.). The department is engaged in compiling a list of income and expenses for all types of activities, analyzing the financial and economic activities of the university, drawing up annual plans for prospective projects and enrollment. Supervises the procedure for awarding scholarships, participates in the development of scholarships and internal regulations, the Charter of the university.

The main functions of the department:

• Create and control staffing.

• Develop an revenue and expense forecast, prepare and control cost and revenue estimates.

• Calculate the funding limits of the units.

• Conduct a comprehensive economic analysis of all types of university activities.

• Maintaining statistical records of university performance, preparing reports on time and systematizing statistical materials.

• Prepares instructions and methodological materials within its competence.

• Implement methodological guidance and organization of work on the calculation and analysis of the results of production and economic activities in conjunction with accounting, development of accounting documents.

• Establish a normative base for the salaries of professors, teaching assistants, economic and administrative staff for the new academic year.

• Adjust the staffing table to take into account changes in the regulatory framework.

• Accounting for funding sources.

• Prepare cost and revenue estimates for budget and extra-budgetary funding.

• Adjust the cost and revenue estimates of the university's budget funding limits after approval by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and the Ministry of Finance.

• Control over the allocation of budget and extra-budgetary funds for salaries by categories and divisions of workers.

• Analyze quarterly payroll and cost estimates.

• Provide the University with the required information on staff categories, payroll, cost and revenue estimates, and statistics.

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