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  • Information on student accommodation.

    The dormitory is designed for 208 students. The dormitory has a total of 53 rooms. Each room is equipped with inventory for 4 people.

    The dormitory has a total of 26 showers, 53 toilets, 3 spiritual rooms, 5 rooms for food storage. There are 10 refrigerators, 4 TVs, 3 washing machines. There are 9 students from Turkmenistan and remote regions living in the dormitory The TTJ has sports equipment, computers, WiFi zones and libraries.


    Dormitory manager:                                                                       Bekchanova Markhabo


    Educators:                                                                                       1. Babajanova Muqaddas


    Duty phone:                                                                                     +99899 214 61 32

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