Department of Occupational Safety and Health:
Department of Occupational Safety and Health:
Matirizayev Ilhom Hasanovich
Hours: Monday - Saturday (9:00-16:30)
Telephone: (+998 99) 969-19-94

About Occupational Engineering

The Occupational Safety Engineer (SE) oversees the creation of healthy and safe working conditions in the branch, compliance with industrial safety laws, and industrial sanitation and fire safety. Sanitary-hygienic condition of laboratory laboratories, checks the suitability of devices in their devices. Develops measures for safe working and recreational activities.

Specifies that the SE will spend time on the budget and the cost of the purchase of special clothing and personal protective equipment. Ensures compliance with the State Inspectorate on Occupational Safety and Health.

Participates in the study of the causes of accidents at the enterprise. Develops and ensures the prevention of occupational diseases and diseases. Conducts SE activities through interviews with various visual aids.

Develops a fire safety plan and performs the following:

• Fire treatment of roofs;

• Installation of fire alarm devices;

• Purchase of firearms;

• A plan to evacuate people and property in case of fire;

• refilling old fire extinguishers;

• Timely removal of waste from the branch territory;

• Do not use unauthorized electrical appliances;

• Check electrical wiring, switches, distribution boxes;

• Replacement of temporary conductors;

• Establishing a voluntary fire brigade;

• appointment of persons responsible for fire safety in the premises and offices of the branch;

• Maintaining safety journals for students in educational laboratories;

• Conduct discussions on AH and SE for student construction team members;

• Ensure that people are evacuated out of the building in case of an earthquake or fire.




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