Department of Marketing and Student Practice
Department of Marketing and Student Practice
Saidov Hakimboy O'rinboyevich
Hours: Monday - Saturday (9:00-16:30)
Telephone: +998 93 742-49-00

In order to develop and implement specific strategies for the university in the market of educational services, the process of training and distribution of staff in bachelor's and master's specialties will be carried out by consumers (employers). to direct the fulfillment of personal requirements, as well as to lead the process, to provide incentives for planning and promotion of advertising and information, to implement the placement and placement of graduates and to provide educational services. z consists of timely preparation, organization of contracts and control.

Functions of the Marketing Services Department:

- Conducting continuous marketing research in the market of educational services, the study of professional skills (qualifications) of graduates in bachelor's and master's specialties, as well as their employers (willingness) herders).

- To analyze the changes in the market of services, which may lead to the emergence of competitive educational services in the bachelor's and master's specialties in the economy and social spheres of the country, and to identify new areas of development.

- Establishment of a system of pre-employment of graduates on the basis of analysis of the interaction between various factors (segments) affecting the market and conjuncture of educational services in undergraduate and graduate specialties; make it happen.

- Objects of employment, including the ratio of supply and demand for graduates in bachelor's and master's specialties - consumers of educational services (employers, organizations with different forms of ownership - the state) and local governments, governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc.) to assess the structure, determine and group the geographical location, create a complete database by diagnosing potential opportunities.

- Creation of a database of graduates of the current year (in the field of education and specialties on the basis of state grants and paid contracts for full-time and special forms of distance learning, indicating the name) .

- Preparation of proposals for the opening of new areas or specialties of education, as well as to stop those that do not meet the requirements of the market of educational services, taking into account the prospects for the development of the economy and social sectors of the republic and the relevant regions (regions) identify a list of undergraduate majors and master’s majors that they do not have.

- In order to determine the indicators of student enrollment on the basis of state grants and payment contracts, taking into account the existing requirements (orders) of employers (enterprises and organizations) for existing areas of education (training) or specialties formation of current and future "portfolio of orders".

- Establishment of a commission for the employment of graduates of TUIT, the distribution commission to develop plans for the employment of graduates (initial, determined) in accordance with the real needs of employers, enterprises and organizations and the final distribution, the results of which will be Compilation and generalization of personal distribution accounts of graduates.

- A description of the rating and qualifications of each graduate in the bachelor's and master's specialties required for the work of the TUIT Alumni Commission, a questionnaire on which institution, organization or enterprise the graduates want to work in preparation of the results of surveys and information from employers (consumers) on the existing labor and social and cultural conditions in the enterprise or organization, the amount of wages.

- Preparation, registration and submission to the graduates of all the necessary documents for the distribution of graduates and their placement (diploma transcript, referral letter, decision of the distribution commission, personal distribution account).

- To consider and resolve applications from young professionals assigned to work by the Distribution Commission, to apply to the university commission for the process of redistribution or independent employment, if necessary and justified.

- Create a complete database of employment of graduates of enterprises and organizations, assigned and located.

- Supervision of graduate work and master's dissertations, as well as SAC Involvement of highly qualified specialists of the employer (customer) enterprises and organizations.

- Preparation of regulations and proposals with employers and organizations on training, employment, organization of training and research centers (landfills, practice bases) and the conclusion of agreements on material and technical cooperation, as well as with them establish strict connections.

- Reconnect with young professionals who have been employed this year and in previous years, provide them with practical and methodological assistance, advice and, if necessary, summarize the results of their work.

- Implementation of the admission plan for the new academic year (admission plan for state grants and payment contracts, applications, competitions, the number of students admitted, their distribution by courses, areas of study (specialties) , teaching languages, etc.) to create a database.

- Concluding bilateral agreements between students admitted on the basis of state grants in the new academic year and the university to work in the assigned place for 3 years after graduation.

- Establishing relations and concluding contracts with enterprises, organizations and private enterprises in order to determine the bases of production and undergraduate practice of students, opinions of employers (consumers) about graduates (objections, shortcomings of young professionals, rejection) reasons) and proposals to improve the quality of education.

- Relevant departments of higher education institutions (various scientific and methodological councils, scientific, educational and methodological departments, faculties, departments) to improve the professional skills of students in bachelor's and master's specialties and the employment of graduates etc.) to participate in the analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures taken by them, to coordinate the activities of all relevant departments in the implementation of general marketing policy.

- Conduct marketing research and prepare analytical conclusions on the international market of educational services.

- Selection of ways to influence employers (consumers) through the media, through the media (newspapers, magazines, radio and television, electronic communications, websites) about graduates (regions) Ensuring the publication of information on the website of the higher education institution, the publication of references and their delivery to consumers (employers), advertising content, sketches of advertising modules, texts of articles, participation in the preparation of scripts for videos and audio tapes.

- Faculties in order to study the process of formation of professional skills in higher (graduate) students in accordance with the bachelor's (master's) level of education and the requirements of employers (consumers), the formation of a competitive graduate based on the analysis and analysis of marketing research , submission of recommendations of customers (consumers) to the relevant departments and scientific, educational and methodical departments.

- Assess the level of professionalism of competitive graduates of bachelor's and master's specialties in related higher education institutions, their advantages and disadvantages, and compare them with their graduates.

- To determine the need for master's degree teaching staff at the university and submit it to a special commission of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, which coordinates the distribution of graduates and monitoring the activities of young professionals.

- Periodic submission of information on the real needs for staff and the results of the final assignment of graduates to the relevant commission (ministry) and the employers, enterprises and organizations, the process of monitoring the implementation of the Higher and Provide information to the Ministry of Secondary Special Education.

- To develop proposals and recommendations for the development of a competitive future specialist in order to improve the professional skills of bachelors and masters, taking into account the achievements of science and technology.

- The choice of auxiliary structures in the distribution of graduates in bachelor's and master's specialties (khokimiyats, departments of labor and social protection, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, agencies, proxies, etc.) and their capabilities effective use.

- B to ensure the participation of the university in national, regional and international exhibitions, fairs, to organize exhibitions and showcases on the territory of the institution in order to demonstrate the opportunities and advantages of graduates of undergraduate and graduate specialties.

- Coordinate student admission and graduate recruitment plans with all relevant departments of the higher education institution in order to provide employers with graduates in a timely manner in accordance with the signed agreements.

- In cooperation with the relevant departments of the University (councils, faculties, departments, etc.) to increase the level of professional activity of graduates of bachelor's and master's specialties on the basis of state grants for three years, as well as young professionals undergoing three years of compulsory employment Development and implementation of measures to promote their work and promotion.

- Distribution and placement of graduates in bachelor's and master's specialties, preparation and annual report of the department of marketing, monitoring and employment of graduates, maintaining and organizing the internal reporting of the higher education institution on the results of the work of young professionals .



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