Information resource center:
Information resource center:
Romanova Dilrabo Quronboy qizi
Hours: Monday - Saturday (9: 00-16: 30)
Telephone: +998 62 224 60 43

General information

Information and Resource Center of the branch Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan IAKarimov "On the organization of information and library provision of the population of the Republic" dated June 20, 2006 No 381, Order of the director of the branch dated July 5, 2006 No 71 formed mainly on the basis of

Currently, IRC serves 1,430 readers and users of electronic sources with a single reading certificate. Among the readers are university students, faculty and staff. IRC consists of electronic data.

Today the library fund consists of books, brochures, magazines, floppy disks and CD-ROMs with about 9007 thousand copies. 50% of the fund is educational literature, 28% - scientific, 22% - fiction, the rest - other literature. During the year, the library receives about 700 books, subscribes to 8 magazines and 15 newspapers.

The library works with readers in a variety of ways and methods:

·         exhibitions of new literature;

·         bulletins are always opened for new arrivals;

To our readers:

·         Traditional reader catalog (systematic and alphabetical) in the book fund of the library

·         Systematic files of communication articles

·         There is a wide range of information on thematic card indexes on topical issues of modern life of the republic.

            Today, IRC serves more than 1,965 users, including undergraduate and graduate students, 60 faculty members, and 108 university staff.

The general fund of the IRC consists of 3113 titles and 9007 copies, including:

·         scientific literature 807 titles / 2414 copies;

·         textbooks 364 titles / 1606 copies;

·         Textbooks 558 titles / 2401 copies;

·         fiction 257 titles / 764 copies

The fund of electronic documents is 10955, including:

·         electronic textbooks 3500,

·         e-learning manuals 3642,

·         electronic scientific literature 1711,

·         electronic political literature, 1562

·         electronic fiction, 540

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