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Head of Department:
PhD. Ismailov Shavkat Kuzievich
Hours: Every day
Telephone: +99899- 961-75-24

     On December 31, 2013, the Director of TUIT UF, Ph.D., Professor A.H. According to Nishanov's order No. 382, ​​the Department of Telecommunication Engineering was established on the basis of the Department of Natural and General Sciences. From February 3, 2014 to August 2015, the department was headed by Ph.D., Professor Kalandarov Palvan Iskandarovich. Currently, the head of the department is Ph.D. Associate Professor Ismailov Shavkat Kuzibaevich

    In the 2021-2022 academic year, the department of "Telecommunication Engineering" has 21 professors and teachers, of which 4 professors and teachers began their careers. Currently, 5 professors and teachers work on a part-time basis. Several teaching and methodological manuals have been developed by professors and teachers of the department in order to improve the educational process. The department is equipped with a modern computer class by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan. All computers are connected to the Internet and students have access to computers in their spare time. The main tasks of the department. The department trains specialists in Uzbek and Russian groups in the specialty 5350100 - Telecommunication Technologies. Since its inception, the department has trained more than 300 bachelors in their field. They continue their activities not only in the Republic of Uzbekistan, but also abroad.

The department offers undergraduate education:

Areas of study of master's degree:

Disciplines taught at the department:

Bachelor's degree;

  1.     Modeling and simulation of communication systems
  2.     Digital signal processing
  3.     Electronics and circuits 1
  4.     Electronics and circuits 2
  5.     Computer networks
  6.     Internet networks and services
  7.     Next generation convergent networks
  8.     Data communication
  9.     Metrology, standardization and certification
  10.     Introduction to the design of digital devices
  11.     Wireless networks
  12.     Signal and system processing
  13.     Network protocols
  14.     Basics of telecommunication network management
  15.     Telecommunication networks
  16.     Internet of things


  1.     Design of embedded system
  2.     Future Networks Network management
  3.     Research methodology
  4.     Mechanisms and model of quality service in data transmission networks
  5.     Network security

Fan programs:

    Digital signal processing

    Electronics and circuits 1

    Electronics and circuits 2

    Computer networks

    Internet networks and services

    Next generation convergent networks

    Data communication

    Metrology, standardization and certification

    Introduction to the design of digital devices

Professors and teachers of the department:

Setmetov Ne`matjon Urunboyevich 
Mutaxasislik: Raqamli qurilmalarni loyihalashga kirish
Telefon: +99897-526-52-79
Masharipov Otaboy Matyoqubovich
Mutaxasislik: Tizimlar va signallarni qayta ishlash, Signallarga raqamli ishlov berish
Telefon: +99894-239-31-63
Bekimetov Alisher Farxodovich
Mutaxasislik: Simsiz tarmoqlar, Multimediali aloqa tarmoqlari, Kommutatsiya va marshrutizatsiya
Telefon: +99891-427-07-99
Yangiboyeva Madina Rustamovna
Mutaxasislik: Kompyuter tarmoqlari, Keyingi avlod konvergent tarmoqlari
Telefon: +99899-189-74-04
Matqurbonov To'lqin Alimboyevich
Mutaxasislik: Simsiz tarmoqlar, Optik aloqa tizimlari, Kommutatsiya va marshrutizatsiya
Telefon: +99899-966-36-62
Omonov Ibratbek Ikromboy o'g'li 
Mutaxasislik: Raqamli qurilmalarni loyihalashga kirish, Elektronika va sxemalar, Internet of Things
Telefon: +99897-792-94-94


Axmedov Jamol Kudratovich 
Mutaxasislik: Kompyuter tarmoqlari, Internet of Things
Telefon: +99894-113-70-03
Kuchqarov Vohid Alisherovich 
Mutaxasislik: Elektronika va sxemalar, Signallarga raqamli ishlov berish
Telefon: +99897-452-47-68


Nurullaev Yelaman Yergaziyevich  
Mutaxasislik: Elektronika va sxemalar, Ma’lumotlar uzatish asoslari
Telefon: +99899-967-96-09



Djumaniyazov Otabek Baxtiyarovich  
Mutaxasislik: Kompyuter tarmoqlari, Keyingi avlod konvergent tarmoqlari
Telefon: +99897-512-49-49


Murodov Muhammad Murod o'g'li  
Mutaxasislik: Elektronika va sxemalar, Ma’lumotlar uzatish asoslari, Kommutatsiya va marshrutizatsiya
Telefon: +99899-961-69-66


Allayarov Muminjon Rinatovich  
Mutaxasislik: Elektronika va sxemalar
Telefon: +99893-466-03-68



Avezov Erkinjon Sherimmetovich  
Mutaxasislik: Ma’lumotlar kommunikatsiyasi
Telefon: +99891-919-13-00



Avezov Nodirbek Egamberganovich   
Mutaxasislik: Metrologiya, standartlashtirish va sertifikatlash
Telefon: +99893-512-36-42


Matyoqubov O'tkir Karimovich   
Mutaxasislik: Studiya va studiyadan tashqari eshittirishlarni tashkil qilish, Raqamli teleradioeshittirish tizimlari,Kelajak tarmoqlari, 
Telefon: +99899-968-80-06




Scientific research work carried out at the department

1) Rakhimov Temurbek Omonboyevich, a senior lecturer of the department, is working on a research paper on "Methods and algorithms for creating a database for the implementation of management decisions in weakly formalized systems."

2) Senior Lecturer of the Department Setmetov Nematjon Urunboyevich is working on a research paper on "Information-algorithmic support for decision-making in the management of primary processing of cotton."


      The effective work of teachers of the department has been awarded by the state. In particular, in 2014, on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of Independence Day, N.U. Setmetov was awarded the badge "Master of his profession", in 2014 was awarded the title of "Most Active Young Communicator" of the State Committee for Communications, Information and Telecommunication Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

      Also, the senior teacher of the department E.Sh. Avazov "The best pedagogue of higher education institution" competition of the republican stage in the field of education of communication and telecommunication technologies for 2015 "The best in the specialty


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