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  • The VII Annual Conference Digital Industry of Industrial Russia will take place on June 1-3, 2022 in Nizhny Novgorod!

    The business program of the conference will be centered around 12 sectoral strategies for digital transformation, global and local trends in the industry. Within the framework of the CIPR, the presentation of technological solutions will traditionally take place at the stands of the participating companies, as well as the signing of key agreements for the development of the industry.

    Representatives of government authorities and the business community will discuss digital transformation strategies aimed at scaling up competitive domestic solutions in various sectors of the Russian economy, social sphere and public administration, including the development of artificial intelligence, the transition to electronic workflow and the creation of a digital citizen profile. Also, a number of sessions will be devoted to the digitalization of the humanitarian and social spheres: digital art, creative economy and digital technologies in media.

    CIPR will take a special place in the CIPR business program. Black Mirror is a series of panel discussions dedicated to the pressing issues of the impact of digital technologies on society and human relationships.

    CIPR-2022 will feature innovative solutions that will be integrated into everyday life in the coming years. The conference will also become an interactive platform for discussing digitalization of a wide range of industries, including the humanitarian and social spheres, digital art and others, ”said Olga Piven, co-founder and director of the organizing committee of the CIPR.

    The organizer of the conference is the company "OMG"


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    International Scientific and Practical Conference "Modern Trends in Education: Foreign Languages ​​and International Economics"

    The University of World Economy and Diplomacy, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is holding an international scientific and practical conference "Modern trends in education: foreign languages ​​and international economics", which will be held on February 23, 2022.

    The relevance of the conference

    Integration into the world community, conditions of accelerated development and globalization of information and communication technologies have sharply increased the need for learning foreign languages. Today a foreign language has become an international language of communication, which is one of the most widespread in the world. In the context of the globalization of the economy, a foreign language becomes an important information product, it helps to objectively assess the situation in the world economy, to develop a strategy for increasing the efficiency of the economy for your enterprise.

    The main directions of the conference

    1. Features of teaching in the context of universal distance learning in various educational organizations: problems, experience, prospects.

    2. Topical issues of teaching foreign languages ​​in the field of international economics and management.

    3. Digital economy: trends and prospects for business transformation.

    4. Translation in the era of artificial intelligence: integration of different approaches, transformation of translation into a pedagogical tool.

    5. The importance of interdisciplinary team learning in LSP (languages ​​for special purposes): experiences, achievements, problems and solutions.

    Requirements for conference materials:

    1. The conference materials proposed by the authors are published without editing. In this regard, the author is responsible for information and errors in the submitted materials (spelling, style, etc.).

    2. The volume of materials submitted to the conference should be at least 3 pages.

    3. The text of the article should be in A4 format, 1 line spacing, margins of 2 cm on all sides, in MSWORD format, font Times New Roman 12, paragraph 1.25, pages should not be numbered.

    4. The first line should contain the title of the topic (in capital letters between the lines), the second line - the last name, first name and patronymic of the author, the third line - place of work, position and e-mail, the fourth line - annotation in English. The text is written from line 5. The text should contain references to used literature, footnotes in square brackets. At the end of the text, a list of references is given.

    5. Articles that meet all the requirements are included in the program and collection of articles. Submitted articles will not be returned to the author.

    Working languages ​​of the conference: Uzbek, Russian and English.

    Scientific articles for the conference are accepted in electronic form (e-mail, telegram channel) until February 1, 2022.

    Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Address: 100007, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Mustakillik avenue, 54.

    Phone: (+998 71) 267-39-50

    Fax: (+998 71) 267-09-00