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  • In accordance with the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 22, 2021 "on the parameters of the state order for admission to higher education institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the 2021/2022 academic year" № PP-5157, quotas for admission to Urgench branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi in the 2021/2022 At the same time, 6 round-the-clock and 2 correspondence courses of bakalavriat provide training in the Russian language. It is worth noting that in the 2020/2021 academic year 180 admission quotas were allocated on the directions of Education named after Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi branch of the Urgench branch of Information Technologies of Tashkent (Bachelor and master's degree), in the 2021/2022 academic year this figure was almost doubled (300 units).

    In particular, taking into account the need for personnel in our region for the 2021/2022 academic year, 2 new Bachelor's degrees and 1 new master's degree specialties were opened. From this we can know that the doors of wide opportunities for every aspiring young generation who wants to study are opening. In our branch, 1243 of the students are studying in the directions of Bachelor's degree, 520 in the directions of Bachelor's degree in correspondence education, 10 in the directions of Bachelor's degree in the second Higher Education form and 35 in the specialties of Master's degree. Naturally, the growth of the contingent of students also increases the need for the composition of professors, the capacity of educational places, educational literature, as well as other material and technical means and equipment. The scientific potential of our branch in 2016 year amounted to 21% of the scientific potential of professors and teachers, and by 2022 it is 39%.

    According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 569 dated 24.07.2018 “on measures to radically improve the system of Personnel Training and increase its effectiveness at the Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi”, a step-by-step credit system was introduced in our university from the academic year 2018/2019. Today, at all stages of study, the educational process is organized in a complete credit system. In cooperation with the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education on digitization of management of educational processes the system was launched. The structure of the University, normative legal documents on all educational and scientific processes, personnel data are maintained through this system. Until now, all professors and students have been registered with the HEMIS system. Also, since the last 2020-2021 academic year, the diploma data of graduate students have been formed and the issuance through the HEMIS system has been established. In addition, the University for students and through the distance learning platform, additional distance learning processes are being organized.

    Decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan on approving the concept of “development of the higher education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan up to 2030”on October 8, 2019 and on the implementation of the issues set forth in the concept of development of the higher education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan up to 2030 by professors and teachers, in order to carry out scientific research in modern methods, it works in cooperation with a number of foreign higher education institutions, international organizations and foundations. The main task is also to establish close cooperation with the leading scientific and educational institutions of the world, to introduce advanced foreign experience into the educational process, especially to conduct internships and professional development of promising pedagogical and scientific personnel in leading scientific and educational institutions of the world, to involve foreign professors and teachers in the educational process. 

    Currently, the branch is signing cooperation agreements with foreign universities, involving its headmen in the process of expanding the geography of cooperation relations. The aim of such cooperation is to make wide use of the experience of the world's most prestigious Top-1000 universities in educational and scientific activities, to support research in cooperation among the scientists of the universities. Such cooperation includes enrichment of modern and effective knowledge through the comparison, analysis of university curriculum and programs, not limited to the publication of articles in scientific journals, which are part of the databases of international scientific publications such as scientific-technical projects, collaborative Scopus and Webofscience.

    In order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of scientific research activities of the branch professors and teachers, their research is supported by the foreign leader in higher educational institutions. Assistant Teacher of the Department of software engineering Abrorov Rinat and Assistant Teacher of the Department of software engineering Kim Tatiana studied at the Belarusian Academy of Sciences in the Graduate School. On the basis of the grant program” El-yurt umidi “assistant of the Department” Information Technologies " Jumanazarov Odamboy is doing his research at the University of Eastern Finland in Finland. Associate professor of the Department of” Natural Sciences "Jumaniyazov Nizomjon has been working at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) of Spain for 6 months. Assistant of the Department” telecommunication technologies " Samandarov Bunyod began his doctoral studies at the University of Barcelona, Spain. Teacher of the Department” Telecommunication Engineering " Bobojonov Sukhrob began his doctoral studies at Kumoh National University of technology of South Korea.

    Negotiations on establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with the Indian Institute of technology in Bombay, 1st place in India, 8th place in the rating of QS BRICS countries, 37th place in the rating of QS Asian universities, 17th place in the international rating of QS, are underway. The dean of the International Cooperation Department, professor Amit Agrawal, Executive Manager Sangita Kanjibiliya and the students of Tuit Urgench branch named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi held an online meeting on “online admission processes and opportunities for foreign students”.

    In addition, it is planned to develop active cooperation with higher educational institutions of Central Asian countries, to carry out a number of works in the direction of mutual exchange of students, exchange of scientific and pedagogical personnel.

    The branch's professors, teachers, scientific researchers, doctoral students, bachelor's and master's students ' articles and articles in prestigious international scientific journals with high impact are growing year by year. In particular, in 2020, 18 articles of Branch professors and teachers were published in international scientific journals based on SCOPUS and WebOfSciene, and in 2021, this figure doubled to 36. Currently, the number of professors and teachers of the branch is 72, while the number of authors in the SCOPUS base is 75. Almost 95 percent of professors and teachers have articles on the SCOPUS base, while the percentage of graduate students is also increasing.

    In the following years, it is possible to observe a sharp increase in the incidence of the implementation of scientific projects in the university within the framework of Republican and international grants. In particular, 8 fundamental, practical and innovative projects, as well as innovative projects of young scientists, startup projects, which are up to date within the framework of State Scientific and technical programs, are being implemented.

    In the current academic year, more than 70 competitions and seminars were organized with the aim of meaningful leisure of students and involvement in scientific research.  In particular, in accordance with the resolution of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-96 dated 20.01.2022 on measures to transform the game “Zakovat "ualual into a mass movement among the population and convert other games into mass movements, the branch regularly conducts weekly games” Zakovat “intellektual. Among the students are organized competitions “programming Championship”, “Student Cup” startup projects competition, “Youth Forum of Uzbekistan-2021”, “forum of future leaders” and "A1TECH & UBTUIT Best 2022" in the direction of programming and cybersecurity in cooperation with the most prestigious programming companies in our region.

    Today, the IT industry is getting flu on all fronts. In particular, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Tuit Urgench branch named after Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi received a grant for a practical research project on the theme "Scientist women's grants", which was announced by the Ministry of Innovative Development, participated in the competition of initiative practical and innovative projects, "Haft shuaro" complex for the study of the National-Spiritual Heritage The project is based on the analysis of the complex "Haft shuaro" under the leadership of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences mudiri Khajieva Irada Adambaevna and aims to create an electronic platform in Uzbek, Russian and English languages. To implement this project, 654 million sums have been allocated by the Ministry of innovation development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    Significant work is also carried out in the sphere of working with young people and spiritual and educational sphere at the Tuit Urgench branch named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi on the implementation of the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on measures to radically improve the system of working with youth in neighborhoods”PP-92 in Yanvar in 2022. In paragraph 9 of the”program of measures for the work carried out " the task of popularization of Sports is defined. In this regard, in order to ensure that the neighborhood youth are engaged in regular sports, competitions are being held among the youth of 9 neighborhoods in Urgench on the types of mini football, bow-arrow shooting, pneumatic gun-arrow shooting. The holding of such competitions effectively serves both youth and manan in tempering and meaningful leisure activities.

    From all this, we can say that in the period of development of information technologies, it is our priority to prepare young specialists with mature knowledge who contribute to the development of the Society of Uzbekistan with their scientific and practical developments and create an environment that serves to further increase their knowledge.

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