Head of the Department of Affairs
Head of the Department of Affairs
Hours: Monday - Saturday (9:00-16:30)
Telephone: (998 97) 362-19-00


Duties of the Head of the Department:

• Manages all types of activities of the Department, organizes and supervises the activities of employees of the Department;

• Develops current and future plans of the Department and approves the work plans of the Department staff;

• Prepares a report on the results of the Board's activities during the year;

• Develops the work plan, instructions, charter, normative documents of the Board and submits them to the management for approval;

• Coordinates the activities of the Board with the activities of branch offices;

• Prepares and submits to the management of documents to be sent to other organizations and enterprises within its powers and authority;

• Takes measures to provide the staff of the Department with qualified personnel, direct implementation of the requirements of the current legislation by employees, practical work on their social protection, incentives for active employees;

• Ensures the creation of the necessary conditions for the work of employees of the Department, the strict observance of labor discipline by employees and the development of creative initiative and activism of subordinates;

• Provides financial and moral incentives to increase productivity, as well as to increase the responsibility of each employee and team for the task at hand;

• Participates in the activities of the state, public organizations and institutions on matters within the competence of the Department with the permission of management;

• Constantly monitors the compliance of employees with internal regulations, the careful and efficient use of material assets provided for use in the course of work;

• Carries out full control over the entry and exit of employees and other persons in the territory and premises of the branch, as well as the entry and exit of items of material value;

• Takes measures to prevent the efficient, economical and prudent use of material resources by employees of the branch and to prevent damage to material resources;

• Regularly develops and updates the nomenclature of volumes of the branch in coordination with the Central State Archive;

• Organizes the work of members of the commission involved in the inventory of material assets on the balance of the branch;

• Familiarize employees with current laws on liability, as well as current guidelines, standards and regulations related to the storage, acceptance, distribution and transportation of entrusted property;

• Is directly responsible for the good and careful maintenance of all material assets on the balance of the branch;

• During the temporary absence of the head of the department, the head of the farm performs his duties;

• Reports to the Director on all activities related to the activities of the Department of Affairs.

• Considers applications from individuals and legal entities.