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DECIMALS second call for proposals for developed and developing countries is now open.

The second call for proposals for DECIMALS modeling grants is open until 15 July 2022 (23:59 CET). DECIMALS supports teams of scientists in developing countries as they model how geoengineering solar radiation modification (SRM) might affect local climates.


In the second round of DECIMALS funding, grants of up to $75,000 will support research teams as they explore how SRM can impact locally important climate impacts. For more information on scholarships, eligibility and how to apply, read the application guide below.


You can use the following link to apply:

"Turkey Grants" for 2022 by the Government of Turkey

The Government of Turkey has announced the grant program "Turkey Grants" for 2022, which gives international students and researchers the opportunity to study and conduct scientific research in Turkish higher education institutions on a grant basis. This scholarship program is designed for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral studies and research, and includes university placement, 1-year Turkish language course, medical insurance, one-time air ticket, scholarship, full tuition includes education, cultural and scientific programs, and the provision of a dormitory. The amount of the scholarship is 800 Turkish lira (TL) per month for undergraduate students, 1100 TL for master's students, 1600 TL for doctoral students, 3000 TL for scientific researchers, and "Turkish Communication Program (KATIP)" 2000 TL for civil servants and academic staff. Grants for scientific researchers are limited to a monthly stipend only. The "Turkish Communication Program (KATIP)" grant includes a monthly stipend, accommodation, airfare, cultural and social activities. You can register for the "Turkey Grants" program online through the following website: ​​The age restrictions of this competition are listed on the website. Deadlines for submitting documents are announced on the "Application calendar" page of the "Turkey Grants" program website.




According to the information of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kuala Lumpur, the Government of Brunei Darussalam has allocated grants to citizens of Uzbekistan to study at the bachelor's and master's level in the following universities in the 2022-2023 academic year:


- University of Brunei Darussalam;


- Islamic University named after Sultan Sharif Ali;


- Brunei University of Technology;


- Brunei Polytechnic University;


- University college for training religious teachers.


More information on this competition can be found on the Brunei Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website:


It is necessary to send the completed application forms of the candidates to the e-mail address (Application forms are sent in electronic form in the attachment).


          Contest deadline: February 15, 2022.


This scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, meals, international airfare and study materials, as well as health insurance and a monthly stipend.




Studying under the grant will begin in July-August 2022.


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       There are courses in various fields (Art and Design, Business, Computer Technology, Education and Training, Health and Medicine, Humanities, Mathematics, Programming, Social Sciences).






Government of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship Program for fully funded undergraduate or graduate studies at one of the 5 Government of Brunei universities



— Must be between 18-25 years of age as of July 31, 2022 for undergraduate studies, and not older than 35 for master's studies;


— Must meet all admission requirements to study at one of the 5 prestigious universities of the Brunei government;


- He must know English at least B2 level based on his chosen field, and b.


— The candidate is exempted from tuition fees, including admission, examination, registration and orientation fees during the program;


- An economy class air ticket is provided for round trip;


— Will have 500BND (~$368) monthly stipend for living expenses, etc.


Deadline: 15.02.2022










Scholarships and Grants in Germany 2022 (Over 2000 Scholarships)



Scholarships are offered to international students to pursue undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in 2022.


1⃣ Education in Germany for international students

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