Office and Archive Department:
Office and Archive Department:
Matyakubova Yulduz Alisherovna
Hours: Monday - Saturday (9: 00-16: 30)
Telephone: +998622246043

The chancellery is responsible for the following tasks:


Register, copy and save internal and external orders and decrees concerning actions of the university, and send them to constituent departments;

Register correspondence, information documents, packages sent to the executive of the university (rector or vice rectors), distribute them to respective departments, send responses to addressees;

Make copies of documents on demand, discard outmoded documents based on permissions, etc.

Archive is the constituent part of the chancellery and is directly supervised by the rector according to approved organizational structure for academic years. It is run by the head of the archive approved by the order of the rector. The archive staff consists of the head and archivists according to the approved staff table. The head and archivists of the archive work based on the employee instructions confirmed directly by the rector.

 Archive is responsible for the following tasks:

 receive, register, classify and use documents of organizations and prepare them for submission to state maintenance;

number documents and folders;

organize examinations of kept documents in order to specify their scientific and practical values, and give methodological help during those processes;

prepare the documents for submission to state maintenance and submit them on respective dates per the Statute of the Republic of Uzbekistan on National archive foundation;

organize the usage of documents and give references, copies of documents to citizens and interested organizations according to the regulations;

take part in the production of methodological and regulatory documents (instruction, recommendation, statute, list of documents with their maintenance period, etc.) on archiving and working with documentation taking into account the peculiarity of an organization, discuss them with the bodies and institutions of "O'zarxiv" agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (a section from Decree number 131 of CMRU on March 3, 2004).


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