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Head of Department:
Khalmuratov Omonboy Utamuratovich
Hours: Every day 15.00-17.00 (except Monday and Saturday)
Telephone: (+99862) 224-61-45

The department prepares specialists in the following areas:


¾             60610300 Information security (by sectors) .


¾             70610302 Information Security (By Direction) .


Subjects taught at the department for the 2022/2023 academic year:

1.               Fundamentals of Cyber Security

2.               Cryptography 1

3.               Cryptography 2

4.               Individual project 1_AX

5.               Individual project 2_AX

6.               Introduction to Information Security Risk Management

7.               Cyber Security Policy

8.               ITMTF1_AX

9.               ITMTF1_AX

10.            Network security

11.            Cyber-law and cyber-ethics


The department is operating in the academic year 2022/2023 with the following main staff members.





Sobirov Bahrombek Ilhombekovich



Turdiyev Temur Takhirovich



Sadikov Mahmudjon Akmuratovich



Karimova Iqbola Madaminovna



Salayev Alisher Kuralboyevich



Rakhmankulova Mashhura Ruziboyevna



Artyom Alexandrovich Rozmetov



Haitboyev Azizbek Pirnazarovich



Rajabbayeva is the daughter of Surayyo Bakhrom


Scientific works and directions at the department:

Most of the professors of the department 05.01.04 – carry out their scientific work in the field of mathematics and software (in technical sciences) of computing machines, systems and computer networks. Currently, the department is conducting scientific research in the following areas of this specialty:

¾             Methods of designing and analyzing software and software systems, models and algorithms, expressing, testing and confirming their equivalence (item 1);

¾             Method, model, algorithm, programming language and software tools for organizing the relationship between software and software systems (item 3);

¾             Information and knowledge base management systems (item 4);

¾             Human-Machine Interface; machine graphics, image processing, virtual reality systems, methods, models, algorithms and software applications for multimedia communication (clause 7).

In the 2022/2023 academic year at the department, the associate professor of the department, Temur Arturovich Khudayberganov, completed his Ph.D. at Seoul National University of Science and Technology, South Korea. successfully defended his case. Department assistant Iskandarov Sanjar Kuvondiqovich will receive his Ph.D. at Tashkent University of Information Technologies in November 2021. successfully defended his work. The senior teacher of the department, Rakhimbayev Khikmat Jumanazarovich, will receive his Ph.D. at Tashkent University of Information Technologies in December 2021. successfully defended his work.

Professor teachers and graduate students of the department are conducting scientific research in the following directions:

¾             Intelligent data analysis

¾             Machine learning and deep learning systems

¾             Embedded systems and their software

¾             Artificial intelligence

¾             Distributed systems and algorithms

The department is currently conducting research on the following topics as part of scientific and technical projects and as part of scientific work:

¾             Development of an intellectual analysis software tool for decision support systems;

¾             Optimizing video image processing algorithms of dynamic objects in the video surveillance system;

¾             Models and software for analysis of large volumes of data based on parallel and distributed computing technologies.


Department address: Main building, room 225

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