Head of International Cooperation:
Head of International Cooperation:
Erimmetova Nafisa Bahramovna
Hours: Monday - Saturday (9: 00-16:30)
Telephone: +998 93 922 46 66



International cooperation


        Today, the Urgench branch of TUIT named after Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi works with a number of foreign universities, international organizations and foundations to effectively use modern foreign educational technologies and programs, to implement the policy of internationalization of the branch.

       The Urgench branch of TUIT named after Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi has established bilateral and multilateral cooperation with higher education institutions of Russia, the United States, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, South Korea and the Republic of Belarus. In particular, Karl von Ossetsky University of Oldenberg, Germany, Belarusian State University of Technology, Yodju Institute in Tashkent, Kolarodo University, USA, Belarusian University of Radio Engineering and Electronics, St. Petersburg University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics, Miami University, Tashkent, South Korea. , Tashkent Turin Polytechnic University, Vilnius University, Lithuania. The Branch is also actively involved in the European Union's Erasmus +, USAID, Fulbright, South Korea's KOICA, Japan's JICA programs.