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Head of Department:
Khajieva Iroda Adambaevna
Hours: Seshanba – Payshanba (14:00-17:00)
Telephone: +998906481835

Head of the Department Khajieva Iroda Adambaevna

The existing department of humanitarian and social disciplines was founded in 2005 and until 2013 was called the department of Humanitarian and Socio-economic disciplines.

From 2005 to 2011 the head of the department was G. Khallieva. During these years, candidates of philological sciences G. Khallieva and N. Madrahimova, senior teacher M. Nazarova, assistants Sh. Abdullaeva, M. Yusupova, N. Iskandarova, A. Saparbayev, G. Usmonova, M. Rakhimova S.Zhabborova, Z.Koshchanov, B.Abdrimov conducted pedagogical activities.

Since 2011, the department is headed by I.A. Khajieva. Since 2013, the department has been called the Department of Humanitarian and Social Disciplines.

Teachers of the department provide knowledge in the humanities, social and economic sciences, conduct classes in the disciplines “Russian language”, “Uzbek language”, “Foreign language”, “History of Uzbekistan”, “Philosophy”, “National idea: basic concepts and principles”, “Civil Society”, “Religious Studies”, “Pedagogy. Psychology”, “Physical Education”, “Fundamentals of Business Management”.

The department organized circles in such disciplines as foreign and Russian languages, sports clubs in physical education. Also at the department, teachers of foreign languages organized a Speaking Club, where students in their free time can communicate in English on a topic of interest to them.

The teaching staff of the department:

Khajieva I.A.- Head of Department, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Abdullaeva Sh.D.- Ph.D., Associate Professor

Khujaniyazova G.Yu.- Senior Lecturer

Matyazova N.S.- Senior Lecturer

Sapaeva F.N. - assistant

Adambaeva F.R.- assistant

Ibragimov D.A.-assistant

Jumaniyazov F. B-assistant

Klicheva N.A. - assistant

Matkarimova I.A.- assistant

Tulieva Z.K - assistant

Scientific activity of the department

In 2011, Abdullaeva Sh.D. defended her thesis on “Word-formation categories as a factor in the systemicity of verb vocabulary in modern Russian language”. In order to increase the research efficiency of the department, a scientific and theoretical seminar is held once a month. Teachers of the department regularly publish scientific articles in national and foreign journals accredited by the Higher Attestation Commission. At present, 3 teachers of the department are conducting scientific activities as an independent researcher. Teachers of the department published 9 teaching aids and 1 monograph.

Also, teachers of the department regularly participate in national and foreign conferences.

Published scientific works of teachers:

  1. Khajieva I.A., Khajieva D.A. The role of social knowledge in the formation of youth education. 
  2. Khajieva I.A., Khajieva D.A. Linking liberalization and democratization to the implementation of the National Rock
  3. Khajieva I.A., Matkarimova Z. “The Role of Pedagogical Technologists in Teaching the Mausoleum of the National Rock in Globalization. // The use of innovative pedagogical technologies in the educational process - a regional tallimuh January 9, 2017, 2017, 2017
  4. Khajieva I.A., Matkarimova Z. Human interests are the highest value. // Human interests are the highest value. Proceedings of the Republic's scientific-practical conferences January 27, 19-20 p
  5. Khajieva I.A., Klicheva N.A. Connotational peculiarities of English and Uzbek zoomorphic phraseologisms // Young Scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017 49-50 p.


  1. Khajieva I.A // Young scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017 37-39 p.


  1. Khajieva I.A., Sultonova F.A. Innovative technology role-playing role in educating students in higher education institutions. // Young scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017 34-37 p.
  2. Abdullaeva Sh.D. Perfect Human Interpretation: Past and Present.// Young scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017, 22-24 p.
  3. Abdullaeva Sh.D. First President I.A. In his work "There is no future without memory", it is a question of the historical veel. // Young scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017 24-25 p.
  4. Abdullaeva Sh.D. Grammatical categories of the verb in the word-formation system of the modern Russian language. // Young scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017 42-44 p.
  5. Khujaniyazova G.Yu., Ibadullaev I.Kh. Modern methods of teaching English // Young Scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017. 50-51 p.
  6. Matyazova N.S. Perfect human education: the harmony of spirituality and enlightenment // Young Scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017. 30-32 p.
  7. Matyazova N.S. “Gurugli” Epic Avazkhon's Image // Young scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017. 32-34 p.
  8. Matyazova N.S. Epic Traditional and Generational Issue // Technique. Technologies. Engineering No. 3.1 (05.1) 2017 33-35 p.
  9. Matkarimova I.A., Sobirov J. National statistics-the basis of open data.//Tehnika.Tehnologii.Engineering No. 3.1 (05.1) 2017yil 32-33 p.
  10. Matkarimova I.A. Composition of the basic accounts of the system of national accounts // Young scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017, 14-16 b.
  11. Matkarimova I.A. Methods for assessing the gross domestic product (based on the system of national accounts) // Young Scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017, 16-19 p.
  12. Adambaeva F.R., Farhodova D.Zh. Some peculiarities of using collocations in teaching vocabulary // Young Scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017 44-46 p.
  13. Adambaeva F.R. Vocabulary games in forign language teaching. // Young scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017 46-49 p.
  14. Ibragimov D.A. Spiritual and moral bases of protection of young people from ideas and ideals // Young scientist. // No. 16.2 (150.2) April 2017 28-30 p.
  15. Ibragimov D. A. Educating young people in Oil, Neighborhoods and Teaching Materials // Technique. Technologies. Engineering No. 3.1 (05.1) 2017 15-18 p.
  16. Ibragimov S.I. // Technique. Technologies. Engineering No. 3.1 (05.1) 2017yil 18-20 p.
  17. Ibragimov S.I., Boltaev I. Activation of Physical Culture Training on ComputerLashgan Technologic // Technique.Technology.Engineering No. 3.1 (05.1) 2017 13-14 b.
  18. Klicheva N.A., Allaberganov D.R. Translation is a multidimensional phenomenon// Technique. Technologies. Engineering No. 3.1 (05.1) 2017yil 23-25 p.
  19. Klicheva N.A., Yuldashev M. Sh. Professional-based foreign language learning to students of technical specialties // Engineering. Technologies. Engineering No. 3.1 (05.1) 2017yil 25-27 p.
  20. Klicheva N.A. Analysis of phraseological units of the English language with components-zoonyms (cat, cat) and their equivalents in Russian // Technique. Technologies. Engineering No. 3.1 (05.1) 2017yil 27-28 p.
  21. Klicheva N.A. Types of lexical transformations // Technique. Technologies. Engineering No. 3.1 (05.1) 2017yil 28-30 p.
  22. Sapaeva F.N. Methods of organization of social-pedagogical cotton swabs and specifications

with difficult teenagers // Print // Payom donishkanda Institute complex Tajik Pedagogical institute in  Penjikent // 2018 No. 4/1

  1. Sapaeva F.N Mediation techniques in language teaching // Print // “Integration of information technologies and foreign languages in globalization”

// Republic scientific and practical conference // February 26-27, 201930. I. A. Khajieva // Development of spiritual and moral values of students on the basis of innovative technologies // Print // 2019

  1. Khajiyeva Iroda Adambayevna // THE IMPORTANCE OF USING VIDEO IN TEACHING ENGLISH // // Print // 2019
  2. Khujaniyazova G. Continuous formation of media competence of teachers in constant changes in information and educational environment // Print// 2019
  3. Fazliddin Jumaniyozov. Shipbuilding in the Aral Sea and the Amu Darya River // Print // 2019

Department collaboration

The department established scientific innovative corporate cooperation with USU, TMA Urgench branch, academic lyceum of TUIT Urgench branch, BukhGMI.


Spiritual and educational work of the department

Teachers of the department "Humanitarian and social disciplines" are actively involved in spiritual and educational activities. The department is developing a plan of spiritual and educational work for each year and activities are carried out according to the plan.

In turn, the teachers of the department actively participate in events organized by the society of propagandists “Marifat” of  Khorezm region.