Head of the Department of Research, Innovation and Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel:
Head of the Department of Research, Innovation and Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel:
Mengliyev Davlatyor Baxtiyarovich
Hours: Tuesday-Friday (15.00-17.00)
Telephone: +998937511616

      Specialist of the 1st category for research affairs

     Atajonov Botirbek Bahodirovich

        Qabul vaqti: Seshanba – Juma (15:00-17:00 gacha)

        Telefon: (+998 91) 433-34-44


        E-mail: botirbekbahodirovich@ubtuit.uz


      Specialist of the 1st category for research affairs

     Ollaberganova Muyassarxon Davlatboy qizi

        Qabul vaqti: Dushanba – Chorshanba(9:00-16:30 gacha)

        Telefon: (+998 91) 425-37-47


        E-mail: ollaberganova.muyassarxon@ubtuit.uz



About the department

     Training scientific and pedagogical personnel is the next level of higher education, which is implemented according to the decree number 4456 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on July 24, 2012, on further developing the systems of training skilled scientific and pedagogical personnel and conducting their attestation, and the decree number 365 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 28, 2012, on measurements for further development of postgraduate education and conduction of attestation of skilled scientific and pedagogical personnel.

    The most important task of the department is to provide all the necessary conditions for doctorates so that they can acquire deep theoretical knowledge in their chosen field, and adequately formalize their personal work.

Other tasks of the department include the following:

  • Registration of scientific researches and works.
  • Organization of monitoring the status and potential of scientific work, directions of its development.
  • Determine the effectiveness rating.
  • Regular organization of expositions, exhibitions of scientific and technical developments of the branch and departments.
  • Planning the organization of scientific seminars, conferences and symposia and their implementation.
  • Creation of the necessary economic, social and technical conditions for the scientific staff for the full and effective use of scientific, technical and educational resources.
  • Development of the base of scientific publications, the formation of a stable system for providing scientific research with literature, statistical information ..
  • Development and implementation of a system of material and moral incentives for the best research work.
  • Organization of sales of research and services at negotiated prices.

The head is responsible for supervising the department.

The head of the department works under Vice Director for Scientific Affairs and Innovations of the branch and is employed or removed by the Director's order.

The staff of the department observe the following regulations during their work:

  • Legislation in practice (during their personal work and legalizations);
  • Decrees and decisions of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Legislation on admission for postgraduate studies;
  • The statute of the branch.

Research works are conducted by the Urgench branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies through the Ministry of Innovation Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan: 

  • БА-А5-027 - “Optimization of technological processes and technological processes for the provision of information and mathematical support (for example extraction of the enterprise) ”. Supervisor Yusupov F. The total amount is 100 million. so’m;
  • БФ-4-016 - "Study of the formation of secondary radiation defects in silicon and a solid solution of silicon-germanium" Supervisor Saidov D. The total amount is 180 million. so’m.

Work is being carried out on international projects, as well as on the basis of economic agreements with organizations subordinated with the Ministry for the development of information technologies and communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other organizations.

Catalog of projects conducted at the branch:

  1. Creation of an information system to support innovative activities of the farm
  2. Model and algorithm integration integral projections
  3. Designing automated system for up-to-date production process propellers, pererabotki xlopka-syrtsa
  4. Virtual education system for educational institutions
  5. Video tutorial on the basics of programming
  6. Resume and Vacancy at the UZ-VACANCY-HUNTER
  7. Creation of automated information system of citizens' mahallas
  8. Online Referee Testing System for Programmers
  10. Installation for the production of biogas products from plants and agricultural waste
  11. Creation of the Khorezm information and educational portal
  12. Hospital management system
  13. “A1rieltor” a program for Realtor Organizations
  14. "A1taxi" Taxi Components and Driver Program
  15. Software for A1magazin outlets
  16. The project of creating a science park in the Khorezm region
  17. The use of mobile applications on the Android system in training 


Room 223, 110, Al-Khorezmi Street, Urgench.