Branch Psychologist and Women’s Council
Branch Psychologist and Women’s Council
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In order to inform the newly admitted students about the socio-psychological activities of the branch psychologist and the types of psychological services, the first-year students were closely acquainted.

Master classes were held in cooperation with the tutors of the branch. A system of psychoprophylactic work with group tutors has been set up to provide psychological services to young people affected by domestic violence.

Students are trained at all stages to prevent external and internal stresses by motivating them, to motivate them by a psychologist, to create an agenda through regular therapies (singing, dancing, physical education, reading, yoga, travel, etc.). .

Socio-psychological passport of 1st year students was compiled.

Regular individual, group, and collective consultations are held on education, development, upbringing, professional formation and marriage, relationships, secrets of communication and communication, peer relations and worldview, abilities, and talents.

A small lecture on “Psychophysiological mechanisms of suicide” was organized for teachers and parents, and an awareness campaign on suicide prevention was organized.

 One-on-one interviews are conducted to provide psychological support and psychological support to students in need of social protection, people with disabilities.

 There is a system of individual work with teachers, administrators and students.

A meeting with a psychologist will be held on Fridays at the TTJ to carry out psychological and psychoprophylactic work with students living in the branch dormitory.